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The Three Musketeers
The Citadel Stage, Port Huron, Michigan
Monday, January 1, 0001 - 12:00 AM
Great for ALL AGES! This adaptation is based on the timeless swashbuckler by Alexandre Dumas, a tale of heroism, treachery, close escapes and above all, honor. The story, set in 1625, begins with D'Artagnan and his sister, Sabine, who set off for Paris in search of adventure. Soon, D'Artagnan encounters the greatest heroes of the day, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the famous musketeers. He joins forces with his heroes to defend the honor of the Queen of France. In so doing, he finds himself in opposition to the most dangerous man in Europe, Cardinal Richelieu and the infamous Countess de Winter (Milady), who will stop at nothing to revenge herself on D'Artagnan - and Sabine - for their meddlesome behavior.
908 Military St. | Port Huron, MI 48060